Packing Materials

Superior Packing Material

Packing Material and Boxes

High quality & protection

As the Leader in the moving industry, NBCC has developed a complete moving service. We offer a wide range of boxes and other packing materials that are suitable for all kinds of moves. Why stress yourself buying boxes when NBCC have these available for you? We have our own custom-made, high-quality boxes that come in big and small sizes. We also have quality portable wardrobes making transporting your hanging clothes easy and iron free. These boxes are hard and sturdy which can help ensure the safety of whatever is placed in them. They are also easy to stack and do not consume too much space.

Ease and convenience

Have you imagined walking to the store, stressed out because of moving? Carrying sets of boxes almost covering your face and with everybody staring at you? Here at MiniMovers, you can easily order boxes by calling us or or simply ordering through our online box order system and we will deliver them to you.How cool would that be?